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Liquid crystal display module is different from general end products, its application field is various, device interface is diversiform, custom control board is not regulated, so choose the LCD panel, control interface card, accessories, an……
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The difference between VGA and RGB interfaces is the abbreviation of VGA: Video Graphics Array (Video Graphics Array), and the signal type is the analog type. IBM introduced a computer display standard for analog signals in 1987. The VGA in……
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This is a problem of three different types of technology in liquid crystal. TFT:TFT is a batch of thin film transistors, meaning that each liquid crystal pixel is driven by a ThinFilmTransistor that is integrated at the back of the pixel. I……
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Today, human society has entered the era of electronic commerce brought by the Internet, and I'm afraid there is no doubt about it. China, the world's most populous country, has made impressive achievements in the Internet, especially in e-……
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